Genetic testing for autism. Best way to understand causes of autism.

DiGeorge syndrome

Phelan-McDermid syndrome

Williams syndrome

Prader-Willi syndrome

Angelman syndrome

Smith-Magenis syndrome

"Finding a genetic diagnosis for our daughter that explains so many of her symptoms has relieved our family of years of worry and guilt." - Maia's parents

"I’m not going to sugar coat anything, to know deep in your heart that something is probably up is a feeling no parent should ever, ever be allowed to feel." - Camden's parents

"The results we received provided us the ability to participate in studies and connect with other families that share his diagnosis to help us be much more informed parents." - Nathan's father

"We got on a waiting list for a genetics clinic, which was going to be a year to year and a half wait! We found the cheek swab laboratory and got our answer!" - Ben's parents

"Even though a diagnosis can be scary, once we had ours, we were able to move forward with a better treatment plan for Beckham" - Beckham's mom

"Maggie's diagnosis gave us a few things...we were able to rule out potential problems that commonly occur with her syndrome ahead of time" - Maggie's mom

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If you are concerned about your child and constantly wonder if something “more” is going on, get tested today.

It can take months to see a specialist who will order a genetic test, and through our telemedicine process you have access to caring genetic professionals within 1-2 days

Getting a genetic diagnosis can best address your child’s development, behavior, and medical needs

Reduce medical risks (such as seizures)

Explain why your child has autism or delay

Personalize and guide better treatment for your child

Understand the level of support your child will need in the future

Inform other family members on family planning

Do you want to find the cause of why your child is falling behind?

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