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A diagnosis of "autism spectrum disorder" or "developmental delay" provide a general description for your child, but they don’t give underlying causes which are critical in determining the most safe and effective treatments.

Genetic testing is recommended by most health care providers and medical societies for children with autism or delay. My Developing Child brings you genetic testing options that are convenient and supported by experts in childhood development.

Genetic testing results can help:

  • Qualify your child for access to early intervention programs
  • Provide guidance for the most effective treatment and medical care
  • Determine the likelihood for other family members to have the condition
  • Identify family advocacy groups for children with the same genetic condition
  • Give information about possible health risks and developmental capabilities through the lifespan

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A Simple and Non-Invasive Cheek Swab

The Essential Test

The Essential Test is a fast, accurate, and guideline-recommended way for most families to begin their genetic testing journey to reach a diagnosis. This includes evaluating for the 30 most common genetic conditions we have identified in over 8 years of genetic testing, including deletion and duplications of chromosomes. Having this life-changing information improves outcomes for the child and quality of life for the family.

Test cost $888

The Advanced Test

The Advanced Test includes the most advanced genetic test available today (whole genome sequencing). It may be chosen by families whose child had prior negative genetic tests, or for those new to the genetic testing journey who want a comprehensive approach without a lengthy, step-wise process (it includes results from the Essential test). You will also have access to the raw data, which can be re-evaluated over time as more genetic information becomes available.

Test cost $3,283

The right test. The right answers.


Fast, accurate, and guideline-recommended with a consultation with a genetic counselor before, during, and after the testing process.


Most comprehensive genetic test (which includes the Essential test) with continual access to raw data.