Whole genome sequencing to find cause for autism & developmental delay

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Advanced Test

Think of your genetic code, or genome, as a book of instructions for how you should grow, develop, and function. The Advanced test checks the book for missing or duplicated chapters (the same evaluation as the Essential Test), as well as spelling errors within the text itself. It may be chosen by families whose child had prior negative (or normal) results. It is also a great choice for those who have not yet had genetic testing but want a comprehensive approach without undergoing a lengthy, stepwise testing process. Importantly, the cost of multiple tests often exceeds the cost of the Advanced Test, so this may allow you to reach a diagnosis sooner and at lower total cost.

Because you will have access to raw data, the Advanced Test is highly valuable because the information can be re-evaluated over time as the medical community’s knowledge about genetic variants advances. This test takes less than 8 weeks from swab to results.

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